Rob Hosie

Phone: 250-385-2033

Newport Realty
1286 Fairfield Rd,
Victoria, BC,
V8V 4W3

Rob Hosie is a born and raised life-long Victoria resident and family-man. He married his beautiful wife Brenda, a fellow local, in 1989. A few years after the wedding, the couple began to share the never-ending joys and tribulations of parenthood with their first son. A second son soon followed. The couple are still busy parents to the boys, now 18 and 19 years old, as well as a more recent addition to the family, a 4 year old Golden Retriever named Taz.

Rob is blessed to be surrounded by friends and family. His parents, mother in-law, many siblings, brother and sister in-laws and nieces and nephews all reside in Victoria. The family often sees each other and has good times. Rob and his family are also fortunate to have a great community of friends. With family and friends, they share the joys and sorrows of life.

Rob loves many outdoor activities abundant for west-coast life. He can often be seen running and walking around the community. Rob and his family also enjoy many skiing, sailing and hiking trips together.

Rob enjoys volunteering throughout Victoria. He volunteers at Saint Philips Anglican Church, Street Hope Victoria, and as a spiritual care visitor through the Royal Jubilee Hospital. He reaches out to those in need and offers them strength and compassion. Rob and his family are blessed to be a part of this fantastic community of Victoria.

With care and over 23 years worth of expertise, Rob Hosie will help you buy or sell your home in beautiful Victoria.